Skipgo is the largest mini skip drop-and-collect service in South Africa with more than 90 agencies. There are only 30 agencies still available, so don’t delay – contact us today to become part of the brand and share in the success experienced by our existing operators.


EnviBin offers an environmentally friendly & water wise wheelie bin cleaning service. The semi-automated system makes use of the latest technology, saving you time & labor that should provide you with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. This business opportunity includes distinctly different management tools that will enable you to easily manage monthly recurring clients and revenue.

Smart Cleaning Solutions

Making use of the latest technology and operating systems, Smart Cleaning Solutions is revolutionising the commercial cleaning industry. Our approach offers a superior yet cost effective alternative when it comes to industrial “deep” cleaning. With some of the mayor SA brands as our clientele already, this is the ideal time for you to capitalise on this business opportunity.

Bokashi Bran Logo

Bokashi Bran

This one is for the eco warriors out there! Based on the existing client base; the successes achieved with them already; the pressure food related businesses are experiencing to find environmentally friendly solutions to deal with their food waste; the socio economic benefits we offer, and the cost efficiency of the combined value proposition, you should not find it very hard to make a success out of this business opportunity.


Conventional car wash methods use 150 / 250 litres of water per wash. Conservatively calculated it amounts to 30 trillion litres of water used annually to keep our cars clean in South Africa. Adding the population & economic growth into the equation, it is simply not sustainable to wash cars using water. Cleencar is not only our most affordable business opportunity available, but also the most profitable.

New Trend Trailers

Stable income generating business opportunity! Minimal risk, high return with superior business support structure. Reasonable overheads and no royalties with exclusivity in your area makes this an ideal business to start. Ideal for retirees seeking to supplement their incomes.

“Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to be let out. Sometimes they just need a little nudge, a little direction, a little support, a little coaching, and the greatest things can happen.”
~ Pete Carroll


“I have faith in the SkipGo brand and what it represents and hence our efforts in making it a household name are enjoyable rather than onerous!”

~ Jo Parsons